Feeling Patriotic?🧨 Here is a easy DIY tutorial on how to use our project kits to make a fun festive item to add to your shop or for a easy craft night. All our kits come with everything you need to complete the project! A few of our favorite tips are:

  • Use glue to secure the pen (nail glue, E6000, etc.)
  • Silicone beads are best used when pushed down on to secure the pen top. 
  • Bead Hole size to small? Drill it out or Ream it with a bead reamer.
  • Focal Beads are best to use as a accent piece to make the scribe stand apart from others.

Products Used in this video:

Bless The USA Pen Kit – Sassy Bead Shoppe

Patriotic Cow Cookie Scribe Kit 6in – Sassy Bead Shoppe

Rhinestone spacer beads were added into the pen kits as a fun free bonus they are NOT guaranteed to fit on the pens with the three beads, since rod sizes vary and I can't guarantee the size of pen rods. 

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