How To Make A Keychain Wristlet

How To Make A Keychain Wristlet!

Here is a Video Tutorial from our new youtube channel! We show you how to make a keychain wristlet, as well as give you a few tips on how to make the wristlet! A few of our favorite tips are:

  • Use glue to secure the knot (nail glue, E6000, etc.)
  • Silicone Bead Mixes help give you color combination ideas. As well as these beads have a smooth finish and make for comfort when wearing wristlet.
  • Get a needle to help thread the beads
  • Use double the string or a higher mm thickness to ensure a stronger hold.

Products Used in this video:

Spring Fever Silicone Bead Mix – Sassy Bead Shoppe

20 Yards Black Elastic Stretch Cord 1mm – Sassy Bead Shoppe

20 Yards White Elastic String 1mm – Sassy Bead Shoppe

Keychain/ Rhinestone Spacers – Sassy Bead Shoppe

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